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Expensive Looks - Vanishers 7” + Twerps - She Didn’t Know 7”

Expensive Looks - Vanishers 7” - GT07

We are proud to present the first ever physical release from Expensive Looks. The introductory 7-inch features two songs, with the B-side exclusive to this release. “Vanishers” is a hazy, slow-build of electronic loops and Alec Feld’s passionate croon, diping through the echoey peaks and valleys of a teen searcher’s bedroom wail. “Simon” gets a bit more sinister with off kilter samples mixing a criss cross of varient vocal attacks. The record is just a taste of the textured dance-oriented full length that will see its release on Group Tightener this summer.
Limited to 500.

Shipping included in all prices.

1. Vanishers
2. Simon


Expensive Looks - Vanishers 7”

Twerps - She Didn’t Know 7” - GT10

After releases with both Night People and Chapter Music, Australia’s Twerps bring their dark dream-pop to Brooklyn label Group Tightener. This three song 7-inch works as a companion piece (same art split into two) to their recently released 7-inch on Under Water Peoples. “She Didn’t Know,” begins with a roar of vocals and steadily swings through delicate guitar riffs, rollicking organ jams, and playful puppy dog yelps. The first few moments of the second track, “Anything New,” are a gentle lullaby until the vocals crash in with classic the suburban conundrum of being bored but dreading change. It’s full of delightful wallowing in the desire of an impossible paradox: “I’m gonna be more than a backyard boy” but I also don’t want anything new to happen in my life. The B-side wraps up the record with a devastatingly saccharine winding ballad called “Peculia.”
Limited to 500.

Shipping included in all prices.

1. She Didn’t Know
2. Anything New
3. Peculiar


Twerps - She Didn’t Know 7”

Expensive Looks 7” + Twerps 7”

March 25, 2011, 8:32am

Fungi Girls - Owsley Knows 7”

Fungi Girls - Owsley Knows / Glare #2 7” - GT06

Fungi Girls are three high school kids from Texas. They’ve released records on Hozac, Play Pinball and Psychic Lunch. For their Group Tightener release, the trio recorded twin bursts of catchy garage-psych that will force its way into your brain and probably chill there for months and months. Throw it in the jukebox and drop the quarter in…over and over. Limited to 500. Shipping is included in the below prices.


Fungi Girls 7-inch

November 23, 2010, 5:17pm

NEW RELEASE: Cloud Nothings 7”

We’re super stoked to announce the second ever record on Group Tightener by Cloud Nothings. Featuring “Morgan” on the a-side and the exclusive to this record only “Another Man” on the flip. It’s limited to only 250 copies and hand stamped by us and some of our close friends (shout out to Jenni Wu) late at night. Exhausting! Buy it below, and stay tuned for a 12-inch from Cloud Nothings coming very soon.

Side A:

Side B:
"Another Man"

February 23, 2010, 12:21pm